Branding isn’t just about your looks and design, it’s about the essence of your business. On this episode, Badassery Podcast talks with intuitive coach Jess Blanche about keeping your eyes on your own paper and using your authenticity to find and own your power in business.

About Our Guest

Jess Blanche

Jess Blanche

Leadership Coach

If you’re looking for a different kind of coach, you’ve found her. I’m your breath of fresh fucking air.

​I’ve always been a rebel. When people tell me to do something, I do the exact opposite. It’s never on purpose though! It’s just who I am. I like being different, forging my own way in the world, and always listening to my heart. 

I’m not afraid to take the road less traveled and love working with other women who do the same!

I’m also spiritual, and this has shaped how I coach. Throughout high school and college I was very religious but eventually decided organized religion wasn’t for me. After years of rejecting anything “God” related, I reconnected to my spirituality through yoga in my late 20’s. I call yoga my gateway drug. Since then I’ve been practicing yoga, meditation, heavily studying the Law of Attraction, and developing my gift as a clairsentient. I believe whole-heartedly that your alignment with your truth is the foundation of not just your business, but your entire life. 
Self acceptance has been a huge part of my journey too and is the biggest reason I do what I do. For most of my life I was incredibly insecure because I didn’t think that I was enough. I thought that I had to be different to be lovable, so I was afraid to be myself and constantly worried about being either too much or not enough for people. I didn’t accept myself or believe that I was valuable, so I dimmed my light to blend in. I was a perfectionist, co-dependent, self destructive, and settled for less than I deserved in every area of my life. I knew deep down that things could be different though. I had a gut feeling I was meant for something really big (and I know that this is true for you too).

So one day I decided enough was enough and got to work on myself. 

I began with a self care practice, worked on my self talk, created a positive mindset, and started visualizing the things I wanted, rather than what I thought I “should” want. I forgave others and myself. Forgiveness is crucial for transformation! I connected with my intuition through meditation.  I hired a handful of coaches and mentors. And one day I realized that I was becoming the person I always dreamt of being! (Spoiler: The person you want to be is already inside you. You just need to remove what’s keeping you from seeing her. Don’t worry, I can help with that.) 

Through this journey I’ve learned that the highest form of service you can give is being yourself. So it’s my mission to help you discover and own your truth. I see your greatness. It’s time for you to show the world.

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