Sam and Kathy chat it up with Valerie Bisharat, who helps women live a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable and stress-free. There is a true correlation between your health habits and your energy levels. When you are healthier, you can feel better, and you can show up stronger.

Valerie tells us about our body image. We have to ensure that our thoughts about our own body are our own thoughts and we also have to define beauty for ourselves. Once we start to compare ourselves to others, it can impact the way we feel about our own bodies and we can even give ourselves unrealistic goals.

Taking care of your body gives you more energy, focus, endurance, and gives you the foundation for everything else in your life. When you nourish yourself, the rest of your life will be bumped up a level. Once you eliminate the chaos and work on your health and fitness, you’ll become a badass!

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About Our Guest

Valerie Bisharat

Valerie Bisharat

Valerie Bisharat is a writer, nutrition and fitness coach, and speaker who shows women how to live a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable and stress-free. The creator of Body Breakthrough Training, the online weightlifting course for women who want to feel confident in the gym, Valerie’s writing has appeared in Huffington Post, Wanderlust, Yoganonymous, Women 2.0, and the Evernote blog. She’s dedicated to helping passionate women make healthy living their lifestyle (rather than a temporary diet) so they can live the lives they know they’re capable of.

Valerie is trained as a nutrition coach, women’s fitness specialist, and personal trainer, and graduated from NYU where her interdisciplinary research explored how fitness advertising influences female body image. In college, she competed as a Figure athlete and overcame having a negative body image, which involved developing confidence in her blended Middle Eastern-American identity.

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