Sam and Kathy chat in Chicago about their amazing book launch, and some incredible events! Their book launch party was an amazing way to celebrate and speak in front of their community to share the badassery message.

Sam and Kathy also describe the unbelievable experience they had at Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within event. When Sam heard about the event, she knew right away that she was going to attend and recruited Kathy. They both talk about their complete transformation at the event. A major learning point was that you shouldn’t create something when you’re not in a high vibe state, but don’t wait until that state comes to you; make the high vibes come to you by generating your own energy.

Next month, Sam and Kathy will continue their book tour in LA where they’ll be throwing a Badassery Party. They’ll be teaching parts of the book and, of course, have a DJ, dancing, and drinks!

About Our Guest

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen are the Co-Founders of Badasery Magazine and Badassery Podcast. Together they are passionate about giving female entrepreneurs the tools they need to follow their dreams: building and nurturing their businesses; living lives of happiness and purpose; AND supporting them to build online empires – yes, EMPIRES!

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