Melanie Childers knew she wasn’t alone in feeling the impact of the last presidential election and she dove into finding ways to help progressive women interested in stepping up into positions of leadership. Melanie works with women political candidates to help them overcome their insecurities about running for office on any level.

On today’s episode, Melanie talks about how she works with candidates to help them confront the thoughts that hold them back and how to turn them around. Melanie discusses why women need better representation, the role collaboration plays and how you can take an active role around a particular passion you may have.

About Our Guest

Melanie Childers

Melanie Childers

Melanie Childers is a Political Consultant, Master Confidence and Leadership Coach, activist, yogi, writer, educator, and all around badass.

She specializes in coaching progressive women activists and candidates by showing them how to build confidence, manage stress, and lead with integrity. She’s taught these concepts and more to VoteRunLead, Netroots Nation, RepGA, and PaveItBlue.

She’s impacting the world by coaching those who actively work to make the world a better place. This powerful purpose is what drives her to revolutionize lives – so that collectively we can build a more loving, inclusive, progressive society.

When not coaching, Melanie can be found perfecting her handstand, reading one of the 10 books on her bedside table, or funding her shoe habit.

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