Johanna Walker believes we all have a story to tell and she helps mission-driven business owners connect with the power of their own voice and show up in a bigger way through public speaking. She feels the connection happens with the humanity you bring to any given situation.

On this episode Johanna shares why it’s important to trust that your story is good enough and why speaking in public is like networking on steroids. She talks about how speaking in front of a group creates credibility and authority. Johanna talks about her upcoming Tedx talk and what’s next for her.

Johanna has a free video of a live class to share with our listeners. Ignite Your Speaking Power discusses the three things you need to build a great talk.

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About Our Guest

Johanna Walker

Johanna Walker


Johanna Walker is the fear-blasting, storytelling maven for coaches, consultants, leaders and change-makers. She is the founder of Women Who Speak, a transformational speaker coaching program for female leaders, and hosts The Speaker’s Playground, an unconventional training group where creative entrepreneurs and community leaders become confident and memorable speakers. She’s also the co-founder and co-host of Boulder’s popular bi-monthly story slam series, Truth Be Told, where people from the audience come to the stage and tell true stories about their lives.

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, she has presented for corporations, non-profits, start-ups and community organizations, helping audiences develop authentic presence as speakers, find the ideas they want to be known for so, and craft those ideas into compelling presentations.

In addition to her work as a speaker and coach, Johanna has written and performed solo theater pieces that she’s toured throughout the US and Canada. Her theater projects have led her to work with adolescent girls, women in jail, senior adults, and police officers, over and over witnessing the power of telling our stories and speaking our truths.

She lives in Boulder, Colorado where, if you’re lucky, you might catch her riding her bicycle around town sporting wings and a red polka dot dress.

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