Hannah Franco and Nancy Taylor set out to create functional fashion by designing clothing with an elevated approach that would work across work, life, travel and play. The result of their collaboration is époque évolution.

On this episode Nancy and Hannah talk about how a trip to Morocco started their journey to design active and functional clothing. They explain how their collaborative approach works and the importance they place on running a company that supports all women.

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About Our Guest

Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco

Nancy Taylor and Hannah Franco

époque évolution

Fashion, Evolved. For real life (for real)

We believe in experiences first, and that life is too short and good and full of wild potential to worry about what to wear. We believe in the power of effortless, impeccable style-and in dressing really really well for yourself.
And so, we design what is essential: well-edited, versatile pieces to take your from 6am to 11pm, from the plane to Pilates to the workspace to rosé after, from spring to summer to fall.

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We want fashion that functions. For real life. From 6 am to 11 pm. We are inspired to make better clothes, better decisions. To dress better, to pack better, to live better, to be better. After working in the corporate world for the past decade, we saw the opportunity to change some of the toxic practices in the apparel industry regarding fast fashion and sustainability. We believe that it’s possible to be chic, functional and eco. It’s time for fashion to evolve to fit our lives.

We believe in dressing for yourself, and in the empowerment that comes with that. We believe that style doesn’t need to be exclusive, or uncomfortable, or limiting, or destructive, or delicate. We believe that we can look good and feel good and do good.

Nancy and Hannah are two of the most visionary, creative
hardworking and dedicated individuals you will meet.
With close to 10 years of working together in the corporate
world, they have an amazing bond thru work and life.

Nancy is a creative innovator and multi-disciplinary
visionary that excels in understanding current business
landscape and driving business growth. She has experience
with start ups through owning and creating Alençon, one of
the Bay Area’s premiere Couture Bridal Salons for over 15
years. Then transitioning into the corporate world at private
ownership and rapid growth at Athleta through the
acquisition by the GAP and expansion into a multichannel
retailer. Nancy built the design team and provided
leadership in the growth stage of Athleta from 30M to over
800M+ in revenues. She has experience in creating a new
business category of apparel with an established brand at
Gaiam, where she grew the business from 0 to 30M in 18
months. She is an industry expert on trends and market

Hannah is a strong believer in function as the evolution of fashion. She excels at leading and executing clear creative vision through a keen understanding of the synergy between product, marketing and the brand point of view. As an early designer at Athleta, Hannah transitioned into many creative roles that enabled the design team to scale, innovate and lead in the sport and athleisure industries. Hannah was instrumental in growing key brand categories including swim and the seamless divisions that saw a 50% increase in overall sales at Athleta. Her role as Global Design Specialist for all innovation & trend at Tefron furthered her expertise in innovation and production manufacturing.

Together, they are an unstoppable hard working and passionate team that will do what it takes to make this brand a success.

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