Meaghan Thompson has made it her mission to help women live in harmony with their purpose while making money doing it. Meaghan practices the art of practical magic by way of Akashic Records, which Meaghan calls Google for your soul, and helps her clients take the spiritual and turn it into the day to day.

On today’s episode Meaghan talks about how she got started in exploring the spiritual world. She explains why she thinks now is such an important for women to rise and the power of what happens when women come together. Meaghan also discusses her two upcoming books, one a poetry book and the other about spiritual growth for women.

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About Our Guest

Meaghan Thompson

Meaghan Thompson

Meaghan Thompson longs for the lifetime when manifesting was as easy as 1,2,3 and simple as do, re, me. Unfortunately, things don’t often manifest out of thin air in this life. Hence why this bio didn’t instantaneously appear in the physical world.

When Meaghan isn’t reminiscing about past-lives, she can be found helping her spiritual AF clients ground into the physical world and work with tangible reality to take action and do their great work. To create lives that serve and support themselves and the world.

She’s a Virgo and thrives on organization and structure to bring the intangible wisdom of intuition into the tangible reality of living in the modern world. She practices the art of practical magic by using the Akashic Records to support her clients to show up more fully in their authentic truths and live in harmony with their purpose, while making money doing it.

When she’s not on the other side of zoom calls connecting with badass Wild Women she is hiking around the Sierra mountains, swimming in alpine lakes, and adventuring with her daughter, husband and two dogs. She can also be found reading a good Tom Robbins book and drinking English tea (that all her English friends think she ruins with Almond Milk.)

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