Jamie Rose spent many years as an actor, including appearing in the 80s Prime-time soap Falcon Crest, and starring in the ABC cop show Lady Blue. She is now focusing on teaching and behavior coaching and empowering others to achieve their full potential.

On today’s episode Jamie talks about her acting career and the early success that came her way, only to be followed years later by some inevitable rejection. She explains how the rejection allowed her to redefine success and incorporate techniques and tools to make her stronger. Her lengthy studies with the creator of a system of Cognitive Behavioral Techniques called The Tools® has led her to become a full time tools coach. Jamie also takes us through an act of love meditation tool.

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About Our Guest

Jamie Rose

Jamie Rose

Jamie Rose has spent most of her life as an actor, starting her career at age 6 when she appeared in a Kool-Aid commercial “Go Go” dancing with Bugs Bunny. Her most high profile successes were the 1980s when she was a series regular on the iconic 80s Prime-time soap Falcon Crest, and starred in the ABC cop show Lady Blue. Since then she has worked consistently in TV, Film and Theater.

In the last several years Jamie has turned her attention to teaching and behavior coaching. She has given workshops in university settings with actors, and she consults with writers, helping them to potentiate readings and media appearances. Her seminars have been featured at the SAG Foundation and PEN America

Jamie’s essays and articles have been published in magazines such as Coast and Actors Ink. She is the author of Shut Up and Dance! The Joy of Letting Go of the Lead (Tarcher/Penguin, 2011), a “dance of life” memoir exploring the relationship of masculine and feminine archetypes as embodied in the Argentine tango.

Also a recovering alcoholic, Jamie has been helping people to overcome addiction issues for over 30 years.

Informed by a lifetime as a working artist and teacher – enriched by her long-time studies with Dr. Phil Stutz, creator of a system of Cognitive Behavioral Techniques called The Tools®, Jamie currently works full time as a Behavior Coach helping everyone from CEOs to poets create strategies to achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives.

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