Debra Corley is the founder of Tulifts, a revolutionary insert that goes into a sports bra and provides extra support and coverage. It’s designed for women of all sizes and fits into existing sports bras.

On today’s episode Debra shares her story of her how her dream began 45 years ago and how Tulifts went from an idea to where it is now. Debra’s mission also includes educating teenagers to understand the red flags of a domestic violence situation. We talk about the impact domestic violence has on children. Debra also explains why hearing “no” can be a positive thing in business and why we should never give up on our dreams.

About Our Guest

Debra Corley

Debra Corley

My journey started 45 years ago and I’m here today to introduce to you a revolutionary product called Tulifts inserts and how Tulifts inserts are changing the face of sports bras, literally. Tulifts inserts offer incredible support comfort and even enhancement, with Tulifts patent pending technology . Up until now there has been a few changes in how a sports bra is made but with each change, you needed to buy a new sports bra. Now with Tulifts revolutionary patent pending inserts made from the finest materials we could find, you keep your own sports bras an turn what you love into functionality, support, comfort and enhancement. Tulifts wicks your sweat away, traps it away from your body which keeps the heat away from breast tissue, clinically proven to be better for breast tissue. Tulifts offers tremendous support in our clinical trials, we have been able to reduce the balance factor up to 70% in runners. Our foam is layered in a very unique process and also we have a no seam, heat seam which Eliminates the need for sewing on our insert. Tulifts inserts can be used in any article of clothing that has a pocket in place. Tulifts have been tried, with amazing success, in evening gowns, halter dresses, bathing suits and even for nursing moms, Tulifts don’t leak through. My story began when I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and had a very poor body image pretty much my entire life, and 45 years later my dream came true, it wasn’t easy getting here but I never gave up. I still have the original insert I made when I was 12! I feel extremely passionate about women who have a deformity or even a special body issue that bothers them. If they can work on that issue and make something else feel better it gives that woman an overall feeling of empowerment and that is what my goal is, to empower women to help them look and feel the very best in everything that they’re doing, no one is perfect but you can always work very hard at being your very best self.

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