Leslie O’Bryant created her business, Classy Broads Coffee Co., to help spread a message through coffee. Traditionally the coffee business has been male-dominated and Leslie found that women involved in harvesting in coffee producing regions did not have equal rights or pay. She has made it a mission to make a difference and so Classy Broads Coffee became a women-based business from the coffee farms all the way up to Leslie.

On today’s episode Leslie talks about how the business got started and where the name came from. We discuss her mission to help empower women who work in the harvesting of coffee. Leslie also shares some advice on things to consider when owning a brick and mortar business.

About Our Guest

Leslie O’Bryant

Leslie O’Bryant

Leslie O’Bryant is a military spouse, mom, and entrepreneur on a mission to simply make people laugh and feel awesome. Leslie is originally from Houston, Texas, but as a military spouse has moved three times in the last decade and is always recreating herself and her business to accomodate.

As with all of us, Leslie’s story is ever changing. Her first business created in 2015 was on the downhill slide in late 2017 (yeah, that fast). Through the mess & chaos of a failed business, a new one was developed. Since then, Classy Broads Coffee has made an impact on women, not only the United States but in other countries as well with a woman-produced coffee bean. Leslie believes women are badasses who are capable of doing amazing things for themselves and others. She promotes this through her company and podcast for military spouses, MilSpouse CoffeeHouse.

Just as the new company started to bloom, Leslie received devastating news that her only sister, a Navy veteran, died by suicide at 25. Through Classy Broads Coffee, Shauna’s Sweet Tea is being developed to raise money for mental health wellbeing and suicide prevention.

Leslie’s true calling is to create a world where we are all recognized for our strengths and our weaknesses are appreciated, not dismissed. This seems like a tall order in a society where perfectionism is demanded and criticized simultaneously, but Leslie is facing it head on with a sense of humor and a cup coffee.

Website | Instagram | MilSpouse CoffeeHouse Podcast | Shauna’s Sweet Tea

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