Sydney Rainin-Smith and Carey Clahan are the co-founders of Laughing Glass Cocktails, a ready-to-serve line of margaritas made with a proprietary blend of super premium tequila from Mexico. The award winning Laughing Glass cocktails are made with all natural ingredients.

On today’s episode Carey and Sydney talk about how they got started in business and how the product is focused on encouraging fierce female friendships. We discuss the process of developing a physical product in a highly regulated industry. They talk about how they went about raising capital and the lessons learned along the way. In addition to being co-founders, Sydney and Carey are friends and they talk about the dynamics of being friends and in business together.

By visiting their website you can learn where Laughing Glass Cocktails are sold. Be sure to check out their cocktail videos on YouTube.  

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About Our Guest

Laughing Glass Cocktails

Laughing Glass Cocktails

Sydney Rainin-Smith

Co-Founder and VP of Sales

Sydney is a taskmaster… with a twinkle. Forward thinking, savvy and always with an eye on the bottom line, she has been accused many times of working too damn hard. She had experience running her own company for 15 years, but chucked it all to start Laughing Glass. Our fearless leader can turn from tireless perfectionist to giggling bestie on a dime.

Carey Clahan

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

With restaurant and nightclub know-how, some international branding experience and a (lapsed) certificate to teach yoga, Carey sees fun as a way of life. She is a world traveler who believes that adventure unlocks potential and inner strength. She embraces the challenge of growing LGC with contagious enthusiasm.

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