When confidence is mistaken for cockiness, you build a badass branded business with it. In this episode we chat with the ultimate celebrity chef who is making waves on episodes of Master Chef. Learn how Chef Brien O’Brien has mastered being a branded badass on the rise.



About Our Guest


Master Chef Brien O'Brien

Master Chef Brien O'Brien

Business & Master Chef

Born in Los Angeles, CA in the mid-80’s, my culinary journey started when I was 13 years old in my mother’s kitchen in Redding, CA.  I remember turning a package of fresh strawberries into a puree by hand (today I would use an immersion blender, but with age comes wisdom) then adding sugar and cinnamon until it was a delicious strawberry sauce!!  This is where my love for creating food began.  I’ve since spent years teaching myself the ins and outs of cooking and learning my own signature taste.  My biggest honor was being named Top 40 Home Cook in America by MasterChef in May of 2017.  This is only the first of many awards I hope to accomplish in the field of the culinary arts, so follow along and enjoy my journey!!



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