There’s no moment like this moment right now. In this episode we chat with Laureen Mally and Shakisha Reynolds. These two badass business owners bring the woo to their dynamic and spiritual collaboration. Women are rising together in the Woo Collective by finding their balance with love and light.

About Our Guests

Laureen Mally & Shakisha Reynolds

Laureen Mally & Shakisha Reynolds

The Woo Collective

The Woo Collective is the manifestation of a spiritually guided dream they shared. Their vision is to create a sisterhood, a global ritual circle of lightworkers devoted to the rising of the feminine energy.

Laureen is a Spiritual Mentor and Teacher for lightworkers who are opening their spiritual gifts.  She is an energy, aura and chakra reader, Oracle card slinger,  Medium, and Healer.

Her 10-year journey of assisting lightworkers in their rising as a Spiritual Mentor and  Psychic Medium has brought her incredible joy and a ton of fun!!!

She gets to work with people every day to bring peace of mind knowing that there is a plan so much bigger than themselves and that we are truly guided by the Universe, along with proof of our spiritual support on the other side. That peace of knowing has moved mountains.

Shakisha is a Spiritual Mentor and Teacher for the Lightworker’s who are new to their journey and opening their gifts. She is a Certified DNA Restructure Method Practitioner, Oracle Card Slinger, Healer, and Channel for Spirit.

Shakisha’s journey has been a deep, powerful, fast paced adventure in spiritual expansion. Shakisha had been searching for her purpose and true self, she answered the call of spirit, jumped in with both feet, and let the Universe support her.

She fulfills her soul’s calling in supporting Lightworker’s as they walk their path, and live their purpose. She provides spiritual mentorship & teaching, DNA Activation, healing, and peace of mind only confirmation from our soul’s council can provide.

Laureen & Shakisha were brought together by the Universe, soul sisters, and soulmate co-creators, they can’t imagine doing this life’s work without each other.

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