It’s okay to pivot in your business. Desiree did just that when she realized she wasn’t living in her area of passion. Join us for fun conversation that revolves around the coaching industry and find out how Desiree is making changes for good.

About Our Guest

Desiree Wiercyski

Desiree Wiercyski

I’m Dez.

I’m a Life and Business Coach for creative, driven, and restless quarter-life women who know they are meant for more; who are ready speak up, drop the excuses and work through the noise to embrace the moment and own their future. I help my clients develop confidence, reduce anxiety, improve communication, heal relationships, and create clarity and strategy for their next steps in whatever area(s) of life they want to improve.

I work with clients who dream of running revolutions in their businesses, industries, and lives. Every single day I support amazing ladies who are kicking ass, influencing the world around them, and developing their own type of extraordinary lives.

I am dangerously over-educated, habitually over-dressed, and seriously over all the noise and traditional “rules” for what business, success, and life are supposed to be.

With an MS in Psychology, an MBA, thousands of hours working in the mental health and helping field, and years of experience at a creative consulting agency, I support the new generation of business leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs who know their next step is big, because they don’t do anything small.

And neither do I.

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