One of the fundamental principles of badassery is being your true self and following your passions. On this episode, Badassery Magazine chats with everyone’s favorite Spiritual Badass® Amethyst Mahoney about what it means to be a badass in any industry, and how important it is to follow your calling.

About Our Guest

Amethyst Mahoney

Amethyst Mahoney

Spiritual Badass®

Amethyst Mahoney is an international best-selling author and the founder of Spiritual Badass. She helps women create a kick-ass business doing what they love. She is especially passionate about creating Facebook communities as a platform to share your purpose and to get high-paying clients. Amethyst helps people in more than 217 countries around the World create fun and engaging free Challenges where they can make 5-figure Pay Days in just one week. Get started with your free Facebook Guide:

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