We all have moments in our life that can define us negatively; or, we can use that moment as a second chance. That is exactly what Tiffany Piggee has done.

Tiffany talks openly about being sexual assaulted; and says that some women don’t have the opportunity to have a second chance. But Tiffany was grateful for her second chance; and after putting her dream on-hold she decided that NOTHING would hold her back.

Tiffany’s passion has always been beauty. As a cosmetologist and waxing therapist, she could see a hole in the beauty industry. What was the hole? Ingrowing hairs and bumps after waxing.

Bumpcology has not only filled that hole, but it’s all inclusive: vegan-based products mean that anybody can use it (no matter what their dietary or religious beliefs are), and women are able to take back the power of their bodies!

About Our Guest

Tiffany Piggee

Tiffany Piggee

Randomness About ME
I’m super shy. Pink is my favorite color. I love Black & White Photos. I’m a wimp when it comes to pain.

Work Stuff
My background is in cosmetology, sales, and customer service. Which works out well for you because I come with logical solutions to your pressing issues. I’m a licensed esthetician (a pimple popping, body waxer), a mom (cook, maid & caregiver), a philanthropist (I promote human welfare), a Dale Carnegie Graduate (got lots of friends and I’m an influencer), and an entrepreneur (hole filler).

Bumpcology® Serum is the result of my almost 13 years as a licensed esthetician and being someone that has suffered from ingrown hairs since puberty. FYI that’s my bikini line you see on the home page of the website. So when I say I’ve suffered from ingrown hairs, I have.

My years of experience as an esthetician combined with a ton of research went into creating Bumpcology® Serum. It’s an amazing product that is revolutionizing the way we take care of our ingrown hairs. Too often our skin is our largest most neglected organ and I wanted to show it the TLC that it deserves. When we get unexpected eruptions in the form of ingrown hairs or acne we freak out and do more harm than good to our skin.


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