Summer Tannhauser has been an entrepreneur for 9 years, originally starting in the offline space before transferring to the online world 3 years ago.

As a Mom of 3, including a 4 month old (seriously badass), Summer manages her work life balance like a BOSS – even if it includes working with a baby strapped to her!

Originally known as the Queen of Pinterest, Summer now mentors other female business owners, showing them how they CAN leverage their business to earn more while working less – yes, this is possible!
Via her blog, Summer shares her own stories, and those of other women, where tips and ideas are shared to show how it IS possible for an automated business to be built.

About Our Guest

Summer Tannhauser

Summer Tannhauser

Summer Tannhauser is a business and marketing mentor to female entrepreneurs who desire to create an impact online through a personal brand and business. She helps these high achieving and multi-passionate women hone in on their zone of genius, cut through the overwhelm, and get really clear on their path to creating both a purposeful impact in the world, and in their own lifestyle freedom.

Summer focuses on a “Live More, Work Less” business model which allows for the ultimate goal of creating a more than full time income on part time hours through entrepreneurship.

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