Charell Star is a lot more than a blogger or just a girl in a dress! Charell talks about her youth: having spent a lot of time in foster care before gaining a scholarship to an Arizona based boarding school.

Charell describes the challenges and misconception of youths in foster care, and how she has partnered with organizations that provide services and support to those leaving foster care.

With a love for all things writing, Charell has used her blog to write about things she had is passionate about. Writing about things she loves, allowed Charell to have what we would describe as a pretty epic audience; Not Just a Girl in a Dress has 100,000 readers a MONTH… #BADASS!

About Our Guest

Charell Star

Charell Star

Charell is a journalist and online media personality, contributor and featured lifestyle expert for on-air, on-camera and online video shows and segments. She has contributed to broadcast and digital media outlets such as HARRY, Fox 5 – Good Day New York, NBC 4 New York Live, Marie Claire, Business News Daily, and Second Look TV. She is also the founder, publisher, and writer of “Not Just a Girl in a Dress”, a highly popular lifestyle blog which shares inspiring stories and trending news that help women readers define their own versions of success.

In 2015, she was awarded Black Enterprise Magazine’s “Follow-Worthy Blogger of the Year, named to Quirky Brown Love’s list of “Most Amazing Bloggers,” and featured as “Hot Topic Blogger Host of the Day” on the Wendy Williams Show.

Charell is also a former foster care youth, and knows first hand the challenges facing the foster care population. She has been passionate about partnering with organizations, advocates, and brands that provide foster youth needed services, support and encouragement over the years

Charell would like to share her journey from foster care to sought after blogger and on-air talent with your audience and give her insight on the following:

  • Learning to preserve beyond the statistics
  • Staying motivated through disheartening situations
  • What her life experience taught her about being an entrepreneur


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