Janae Fletcher has a unique take on what we would normally think of when we hear the term ‘self care’.

As the creator of the Self Care Passport, Janae believes in each of us being able to have more alignment, balance, flow and ease in our lives, whether it be our business or personal lives, enabling us to develop deeper self awareness.

Janae is a believer of transforming each day into what we NEED it to be through self-awareness and simplifying materialistic ideals, while blending self care into an all encompassing lifestyle.

About Our Guest

Janae Fletcher

Janae Fletcher

Janae Fletcher, The Self Care Architect, helping you build a strong foundation for your personal and professional life through systems, structure, mindset moves, adventure and fun. Janae’s zest for life and her business, Journey to Health, Inc. comes from
separate degrees in textile and muscle fibers, trial & error and the true life experience of raising three sons.

She also invented the Self Care Passport Process, a fun, adaptable and analytical tool that links your life, activities and choices back to how you want to feel. Her expertise as a business owner and practitioner in the healthcare field brings her a tapestry of art and science; business skills, adventure, love, self-care rituals and routines that makes it easier to find a work-life flow.

A unique combination of her analytical, intuitive, empathetic and creative nature is what allows Janae to best serve and stand by you, on your Journey to Health, both personally and professionally. She looks forward to helping you find rituals and routines to balance the hustle; handle transitions with a plan and a stellar attitude; build more adventure and fun into your life.



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