Dive in as Samantha and Kathy talk about those all important opportunities.

What do we mean by opportunities? The opportunities where you HAVE to say an automatic and awesome yes; because it’s something that will be epic for you and your business. Where you can live your life knowing that you’ll have NO REGRETS…
It’s time to stop that overly logical side of your brain and ego having overall control of your decision making, where you say no, all because you have that ‘fear factor’.

But… how many times have you got caught up in the excitement of being offered an opportunity, that doesn’t align with who you are or what your business is about? Kathy talks about how you can complete a cost & benefit analysis on all opportunities: use your STRATEGIC MIND over your heart, and make a decision based on the potential benefits.

The more you say yes, no matter how risky some decision can feel at the time, WILL make a difference to the way you live your life (with that all important ripple effect into your family life); and build the business you know you deserve!

Try and put the monetary side of things to one side… own it and GO FOR IT!

Meet Samantha & Kathy

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen are the Co-Founders of Badasery Magazine and Badassery Podcast. Together they are passionate about giving female entrepreneurs the tools they need to follow their dreams: building and nurturing their businesses; living lives of happiness and purpose; AND supporting them to build online empires – yes, EMPIRES!

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