Having already survived cancer at the age of 21, Samantha was positively diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene in her mid-twenties. In 2008 Samantha Paige chose to go down the route of a preemptive double mastectomy. Following what society ‘believed’ was ‘right’, Samantha had reconstructive surgery with breast implants.

In 2016, after several changes in her life; Samantha made the decision to have her breast implants removed. Why? Because she had found a version of herself where she was able to make high level, conscious decisions about herself and her body.

This was the last cut Samantha needed to make.

Samantha made the decision to document the first year after her surgery, in the form of a documentary. Collaborating with a photographer friend, Samantha wrote about her experience while her friend photographed her journey.

Samantha then found that she was curious around what led other’s to their last cuts, where she founded Last Cut Project – building a community for others to share their stories, and her podcast Last Cut Conversations.

All off Samantha’s guests on Last Cuts Conversations show strength in how they have taken the leap to another side of the box they have been put into by society. That ‘box’ can take you to an amazing new place, if you talk to the voices within and show society that you can do anything!

About Our Guest

Samantha Paige

Samantha Paige

Samantha Paige is an artist, mother, inspirational speaker, thyroid cancer survivor, BRCA-1 previvor, and the founder of Last Cut Project, a multi-media documentary and movement about those big life decisions (“last cuts”) we make that bring us closer to living a life that feels like our own. At a young age (21 years), Samantha was faced with a thyroid cancer diagnosis, and shortly after overcoming, was again subjected to another unexpected road block: Samantha discovered she was a carrier of the BRCA-1 gene and made the brave decision to undergo a preventative double mastectomy. An inspiration for us all, Samantha has chosen not to dwell on those health challenges, but instead, credits them as her greatest teachers; those challenges have shaped both her worldview and the ways in which she as an entrepreneur has learned to give back, pay it forward, and create conversation around the moments which make us.

Owning her own “last cuts”, Samantha also chose to remove the implants she opted for directly after her double mastectomy, and now is a role model and thought leader who encourages people to embrace their scars – whatever they may be, and from wherever they stem – to live authentic, meaningful lives. She asks herself, and others through her socially fueled campaign and project, Last Cut, “What do I need to do to feel amazing about myself, regardless or because of my scars, and to thus own them as something that is beautiful?” She uses her life experiences as fuel, and helps others to do the same through her speaking engagements, original podcast “Last Cut Conversations,” and her upcoming book featuring those moments that bring us closer to living truly and freely.


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