Rayne Parvis is the personal stylist that supports you to feel amazing, no matter what your body shape, coloring or style is, whatever outfit you wear!

Starting out as a stand up comedian, Rayne attended a seminar and live pivoted to personal stylist… that was 8 years ago.

Listen as Rayne describes her teenage years, where she dressed in a way that would keep people away from her( which is something a lot of us can relate to), and early twenties where she dressed to get laughs as a comic.

How do you go from hot mess to dress to impress? As we get older, we want to be able to dress for our body shape or height. Our wardrobe draws attention to us, whether it is positive or negative. We can enhance who we are, by dressing in a way that enhances our best features.

What do we do as business owners that work from home? Rayne says that as long as we’re comfortable, happy and feel great about ourselves it doesn’t really matter (as long as we do get dressed)!

About Our Guest

Rayne Parvis

Rayne Parvis

Rayne Parvis is an LA-based certified Style Coach™, personal stylist, media personality and author of Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab! She’s been LA’s go-to stylist for makeovers since 2010. Rayne entered the fashion industry 15 years ago as a fit model and consultant. As a personal stylist, she helps her clients shine from the inside out. Rayne has been featured as a style expert online and in print – LA Fashion Magazine, Moneyish.com, Prevention & more. She’s been on award-winning podcasts, talk shows, and national radio shows, including co-hosting “The Show and Tell Show” and hosting her own segment on Shrink Wrap on Call.


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