Nicole and Michelle are cousins with their own businesses; and the dynamic duo behind The Sparkle Hour podcast.

On an individual basis: Michelle is a writer, author, speaker and empowerment coach; who also has a side business with her fiancée. Nicole was originally a therapist who has now created a coaching business. Although family, they grew up on opposite sides of the country. Through the power of the online world they have been able to both re-connect and build something amazing.

When they were at a Venture Pop Conference in New Orleans 4 years ago, they made a decision to start their own podcast, because they knew they had something important to say to their audience – The Sparkle Hour podcast was born. The podcast started with conversations about life, business, trauma and healing; to a place of showing how empowerment can be achieved.

What does trauma in business mean? The impact of experiences in our childhood and lives transfer into our businesses, leading us to feeling powerless. Even though we can set up a business, we don’t leave our trauma at the door; it needs to be worked through to make us our true self!

About Our Guests

Nicole Lewis-Keeber and Michelle Lewis

Nicole Lewis-Keeber and Michelle Lewis

Feisty & Fabulous cousins Nicole Lewis-Keeber of Nicole Lewis-Keeber Coaching and Michelle Lewis of The Blessings Butterfly are coaches, healers, and square pegs who love to talk about all things Mindset + Money + Empowerment on their podcast, The Sparkle Hour.

Nicole has nearly two decades as a therapist & clinical social worker that inform her private coaching practice. Michelle has over three decades in various ministries that inform her private coaching practice. Together, these bright and bold women speak Truth out loud and dare to create a positive ripple through their candid, honest conversations and inspiring interviews.

They tell all of their stories with authenticity & transparency to promote wholeness as well as to shine a light along the path for people learning how to sparkle some of their own sh!t out.

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