A lot has happened in the world of Badassery recently! Samantha and Kathy now have matching Badassery tattoos on their arms, yes it’s true their dedication to Badassery is that strong. Then, they then drove to Vegas for the Badassery Bash. Women from across the globe attended and each of the women who attended had some seriously big epiphanies.

One of the biggest ‘aha’ moments was the energy we input into our business. What is a ‘Return on Energy’? When your energy output (which is the income you should be making), doesn’t equate to the energy you’re putting in, it’s time to make a change to that energy exchange and drop anything from your business that you’re no longer in love with. Remember, a pivot or shift is your business isn’t a bad thing!

Another huge moment came from the workshop held by Nicole Isler. Experiences: they aren’t just things that happen to us – the people around us are having their own experiences, which is something that we can so easily forget when we a living in our own bubble.

What is it like to spend time with women who do what we do? It lights us up! Unless you’re in the same physical space with women, who understand what you do, the energy has so much more impact: the vibe of in real life is magical. How do you recreate energy this on a continuous level to keep that magical vibe? Samantha had a divine download when she got home to keep this energy running!

What was this epic download? The Rising Tribe Leadership Circle: an application-based weekly circle, where all members will be able to support each other to rise: with a focus that balances health, life and business.

Expand on what is possible; but, let’s do it together!

About Our Guest

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen are the Co-Founders of Badasery Magazine and Badassery Podcast. Together they are passionate about giving female entrepreneurs the tools they need to follow their dreams: building and nurturing their businesses; living lives of happiness and purpose; AND supporting them to build online empires – yes, EMPIRES!

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