Part of being a successful entrepreneur is being radically clear on who you are, what you are doing and who you are serving. On this episode, Badassery Podacst talks with Design Love Co.’s Amanda Nazzal on doing your own thing and putting the passion and power back into feminine photography.

About Our Guest

Amanda Nazzal

Amanda Nazzal

Visual Brand Strategist

Hi, I’m Amanda Nazzal, photographer, and visual marketing strategist. I teach no bullshit visual marketing strategy to insatiable online entrepreneurs I can teach you how to grow the s*** out of your blog + biz Wanna know the secret?: KILLER visuals! I’m sure you’ve noticed that photos, graphics, and videos are the most powerful way to connect on social media these days. Long gone are the days of the simple written text. You might be the best at what you do, but if you’re not photographing it from your perspective, and sharing it with style….you don’t exist. It’s essential to have a well-groomed web presence, and that’s exactly why I’m here. When you’re busy, how do you find the time to take photos or make graphics? Take one of my online courses and find out how! Grow your audience in a creative, inspiring way with straight-forward, simple ideas that fit into your busy schedule. Learn to improve your photo + design skills using whatever equipment you have!


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