A few years ago, Suzie Agelopoulos decided that to change her life she would quit her job to become a travel blogger so that she was able to bring joy back into her life. Suzie has been to amazing locations around the world. Not only did Suzie start travel blogging, she also added Lyft driving to her new lifestyle so that she could drive her way across the states!

Was she making any money for her blogging? No, not to start with – Suzie funded everything. To fund her new life, Suzie put her downtown Seattle home onto Air BnB. The more rentals Suzie got, the more she realized that she kinda had to move out…

Suzie spent a year learning everything she needed to know about internet marketing and Air BnB, without really even realizing that she was learning all of this cool business stuff. During the course of this one year, Suzie made enough money to fund a lot of her travels and hired a manager.

What is Suzie doing now? Still travelling, but also teaching others how they can run a seriously successful Air BnB business.

What are the biggest takeaways from this episode? Don’t hold off on your dream. Put the intention out there, have fun and just go and do it!

About Our Guest

Suzie Agelopoulos

Suzie Agelopoulos

Suzie is a sassy solo female travel blogger who inspires women to live fearlessly on their own terms. She is the creator of Six Weeks to Freedom and is passionate about her work as a personal branding and visibility coach for women entrepreneurs who are dying to discover their soul’s calling.

Known for her jaw-dropping selfies, litter of drone babies and enviable collection of eyewear, she navigates the world with enthusiasm, authenticity, and plenty of style.

She travels in sequins, channels Queen Bey and loves all things woo. Her travel must-haves? TSA Pre-Check and a good eye mask.

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