After an accident meant that Jessica Rosen had to look at changing her life (including how she could work). She had purchased a lizard for her son, which meant that Jessica researched the types of food that they needed to purchase. With a $1k investment from her uncle, she created The Laughing Lizard Company, where she produces reptile food in the form of tropical roaches (which are very different to the pest variety).

Jessica has a seriously badass business mind, and is about to upscale her business by 500% in the next few months. Alongside this, Jessica has found a partner where they will have a second location AND are planning to create a sustainable protein source via their roaches!

Jessica herself says that she has a non-traditional business, and is also supporting others who have ideas for non-traditional business models. With the support of social media, non-traditional businesses are able market their businesses for free and Jessica is showing others how they can use referrals and Facebook to succeed.

Push away the feeling of creepy-crawlies, because you seriously need to dive into this episode now!

About Our Guest

Jessica Rosen

Jessica Rosen

Jessica Rosen owns The Laughing Lizard Company, a small business that produces tropical roaches for sale as reptile food. She’s developed non-traditional strategies to not only efficiently manage an inventory that is constantly growing, but also to market her products through engagement in Facebook groups without advertising. Jessica has a passion for inspiring other women through sharing the story of how she’s overcome several challenges to transform her life. In addition to her live insect business, she mentors women who are growing non-traditional product and craft based businesses.

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