Samantha and Kathy celebrate two years of Badassery Magazine and the journey they have been on to bring the badassery lifestyle to their community.

Listen as Samantha and Kathy describe how their manifesto and mission has changed and evolved, to encompass the huge amount of glitter that has been thrown out into the world… while empowering all female entrepreneurs to live their version of a badassery lifestyle!

Dive in and listen to Samantha and Kathy chat about success and the highlights of growing Badassery… Ready for some mic drop moments?

About Our Guest

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen are the Co-Founders of Badasery Magazine and Badassery Podcast. Together they are passionate about giving female entrepreneurs the tools they need to follow their dreams: building and nurturing their businesses; living lives of happiness and purpose; AND supporting them to build online empires – yes, EMPIRES!

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