Samantha and Kathy speak with Tyler Harris, who went from being unemployed to a 6-figure income because, well, everything changed. Tyler not only changed the processes and thoughts going into it but changed his feelings about freedom going forward.

On this episode, Tyler dives really deep into the role of men, women, and businesses. He speaks about how we treat gender inequalities by not giving it power.

Tyler also talks about how making his vlog genuinely made him a better person. He speaks about how a coach helped make him a better family man and helped him build a legacy for his family. Make sure you listen to this amazing and powerful episode!

About Our Guest

Tyler Harris

Tyler Harris

Tyler Harris is an entrepreneur, influencer, and speaker. He is the National Coordinator and partner of Consolidated Assurance, a niche insurance agency with agents across the US. He is also the President of No Hook Media.

In 2014, Tyler was unemployed. In 2015, he made $300k. In 2016, He made $450k. In 2017, he made over $650k. What changed? EVERYTHING. Tyler has waged war on personal change. In January of 2017, he began documenting his life on social media. This included starting two podcasts and a daily vlog. In less than two years he has grown his presence on social media from zero to over 49million in weekly reach.

Most importantly, Tyler is a husband and father to the two loves of his life.

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