Embodiment Badassery is all about how you are in your body. It encompasses how you present your body, how you feel in your body, and how to bring more awareness to how your body moves.

Instead of feeling shame and guilt when talking about sex, teach yourself to get out of your head and into your body. This practice will allow you to align your body and your thoughts as well as take ownership of your own thoughts and pleasures.

Recognize and own your body, learn your body’s story, and you will truly become a badass.

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About Our Guest

Jamie Abrams

Jamie Abrams

Jamie Abrams is the creator of Embodied Badassery, where she shares the art and science of badassery, through yoga, movement, healthy lifestyle choices and body-mind magic.

She has been teaching internationally and living her yoga for 18 years.

Her style is to motivate you to be playful, making inquiries physically and mentally to get you living freely in your body the way you were designed to. Jamie empowers you with skills to make impactful life choices.

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