Sam and Kathy speak with Lanie, Miss GSD. She knows how to get shit done by creating systems for your business to make your business flow easier so that you can truly get more done. Lanie tells us about client onboarding and other systems are not the sexiest of topics until you have the system in place that gives you a profitable business!

Lanie explains how systems should be implemented once and have those systems work hard for you! If you want to Get Sh*t Done, listen to this podcast.

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About Our Guest

Lanie Lamarre

Lanie Lamarre

You know that tight, beehive-in-your-chest feeling that comes when you’re late on 3 deadlines, your finances are a mess + you don’t know where your next client is coming from? That’s a symptom that you need some Miss #GSD in your life. I’m Lanie Lamarre – haiiii! – and I help overwhelmed service-based bosses like you automate, streamline, organize + account for all the things that are stressing you out so you can get back to doing the work you got into business to do in the first place!

Automating service sales + putting “busy-ness” on auto-pilot;
Streamlining your sources of stress + owning your sources of overwhelm… so that stuff doesn’t own you anymore;
Delegating/outsourcing (to people, to tech, to whatever gets the job done without you);
Getting shit done (because #GSD, obvs!).

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