Bethany Peak: lawyer, professor teaching law at her local community college AND creator of Taupe Coat!

Listen as Bethany describes how she became more unhappy and dissatisfied with the direction her life was taking, and made a choice that this would not ‘be’ her life. Being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in college, Bethany became more conscious of what she put into her body; and started to eliminate different foods and chemicals that went into her body.

Bethany talks about how she was obsessed with her nails from the age of seven; and then started making polish for her and her Mom. Like a lot of new female business owners, Bethany had no clue what she was doing; but has taken a hobby to side-hustle, which has revitalized her passion for life!

Enter Taupe Coat! The nail polish brand that is toxin-free and vegan-free; with fun and bold nail polish shades (that can still be totally ‘day job’ appropriate)!

About Our Guest

Bethany Peak

Bethany Peak

By day, Bethany Peak is an attorney practicing civil litigation. By night, she’s the owner + creative director of Taupe Coat, an independent nail polish brand that blends beauty with wellness by creating low toxin, vegan, and cruelty free nail polish. After being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in her early twenties, Bethany became more mindful of what she put on, and in, her body. Taupe Coat was eventually born out of her desire to support and encourage other women on their journey to live a life of wellness and self-fulfillment.

Bethany considers herself a DIY queen who loves to revamp furniture and make homemade body scrubs, cuticle oil treatments, and rosewater. As a SoCal girl – two of her favorite activities are lounging at the beach and eating tacos. In her free time, she travels, visits museums, and cheers for her California Golden Bears.

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