This is an episode with a difference: Nicole, Samantha and Kathy chat about just how EPIC that in real life connection is! When you are an online business owner, you can become ‘stuck’ in your own little bubble.

Having the opportunity to meet and spend time with people in real life, is one of the most special connections you can make: the collective energy of #IRL is amazing! Nicole, Samantha and Kathy recently spent time together in NYC with Mindy. When Nicole was booked for an interview to share her message in New York, she was super excited to be able to chat about sensitives stepping into their power – the interview with Bold TV meant that she was able to share her message with a different audience. Badassery were also featured on the same Bold TV episode, and Samantha & Kathy were able to meet new people and share the glitter truth bomb that IS badassery.

Why is #IRL so important? Because these moments CHANGE you: you have the opportunity to share time with people face-to-face, have life-changing conversations, make REAL connections AND develop that collective energy take your business to ANOTHER LEVEL. It’s these #IRL opportunities that re-align your magic!

About Our Guest

Nicole Isler

Nicole Isler

Nicole Isler, is the Chief Empowerment Officer for Sensitives Worldwide, a global community of enlightened sensitives dedicated to making an impact. With over 25 years of expertise, Isler understands the impacts of stress and mindset correlated with emotions and how messy life can feel. Nicole knows from personal and professional experience what keeps sensitives stuck and stops them from stepping into their gifts at the highest level. She delivers life-changing strategies and empowerment practices to help you liberate your control, create personal freedom and live life on purpose.

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