As entrepreneurs, once we become successful finding the support to legally protect our business is a MUST. We never want to be in the position of losing it all because we didn’t have the ‘right’ support and protection.

Joey Vitale is the awesome attorney behind Indie Law. Joey is the first to admit that his journey from high school graduation to Law School is a funny one, and how he struggled with the idea of being a ‘lawyer’.

The concept of Indie Law? To support the legal needs of creative boss owner clients and allow them to thrive!

About Our Guest

Joey Vitale

Joey Vitale

Joey Vitale is an attorney for thriving small businesses. With his law firm, Indie Law, Joey works with creative small business owners to empower their passions. He gives them the legal foundation they need to thrive. Indie Law offers innovative subscription plans, flat-fee packages, consultation sessions, and educational webinars. With these services, Joey focuses on the legal issues that matter most to creatives: business formation, trademarks, copyrights, and contracts. While based in Chicago, Indie Law serves business owners all over the country. Affectionately referred to as a “babe dude,” Joey has a reputation for thriving within female entrepreneur communities.


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