Sam and Kathy tell us all things Badassery and where the Badassery Community is heading. Six months into the writing process and Sam and Kathy’s book launch in Chicago has officially happened! Every business needs a community and their book help you discover and work through why you need a community as well as how to monetize your community.

Every time Sam and Kathy get together, they are able to get away from their normal lives, epiphanies occur, and energy flows that you just can’t replicate that over the internet. Next month, they’ll be heading to Los Angeles to collaborate on a lunch and learn. They’ll be giving 2 lucky women VIP Vacas as well as virtual VIP days, and VIP days where Sam and Kathy come to you!

Sometimes you just have to say yes to yourself and stop talking yourself out of saying yes. Don’t forget, you can conquer the world right now how you are.

About Our Guest

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha & Kathy

Samantha Parker and Kathy Rasmussen are the Co-Founders of Badasery Magazine and Badassery Podcast. Together they are passionate about giving female entrepreneurs the tools they need to follow their dreams: building and nurturing their businesses; living lives of happiness and purpose; AND supporting them to build online empires – yes, EMPIRES!

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