Samantha and Kathy talk to brothers David and Sam of Elegant Mosaics. David and Sam built their business around relationships. They have succeeded because they know it’s more than just a product. They understand that customers will compare pricing with pricing unless you give them something else, so connect yourself with your product. When customers are familiar with you, trust you, and know your track record, amazing things can happen.

David and Sam also tell us about how you can’t be so laser-focused on the endpoint because you don’t want to forget the journey. When you’re having fun, positive things will happen.

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About Our Guest

Dave and Sam

Dave and Sam

Sam and Dave grew up on the Southern Oregon Coast right by the California border. We are 9 years apart in age and have one older brother named Jason. Along with our business, we own Avery Cove which is named after Sam’s daughter and is an Airbnb Beach House on the Oregon Coast. This would definitely be one of our favorite places to get away. Running Airbnb is something we really enjoy and we plan on getting more vacation properties for that purpose.

We manufacture and distribute our Elegant Mosaics product line out of Phoenix, AZ. Half of our 700+ SKUs are actually made to order so mosaics for your order are handcrafted specifically for your project. Production time for all custom mosaics are two weeks but they can be expedited to be made and shipped as quickly as one week.

Manufacturing and distributing out of Phoenix sets us apart from the majority of the other suppliers that stock and ship Chinese material. We have around 30 employees working in Phoenix putting mosaics together. Each mosaic is put together by hand one piece at a time by the same employee from start to finish. Any discolored or chipped mosaic pieces are tossed aside, this is a big part of the hands-on quality control we provide.

Our goal with Elegant Mosaics is to be a company that brings new and exciting products to the design industry.

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