Meredith Holley, a lawyer, life coach, and bestselling author, helps women stop sexual harassment in the workplace without quitting their jobs. On today’s episode Meredith explains that early in her law career she was helping women file sexual harassment lawsuits while she herself was the victim of harassment. Lawyers were advising women to quit their jobs and then file lawsuits, but Meredith knew there had to be a better way.

Meredith explains that many women attempt to make changes within themselves to stop harassment, while what we really need to do is take back our power and set clear boundaries. Meredith also talks about the importance of having the right allies and what qualities a woman has who is most successful in stopping harassment issues.

About Our Guest

Meredith Holley

Meredith Holley

Meredith Holley is a lawyer, life coach, and bestselling author of the book Career Defense 101: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting Your Job. Meredith helps professional women clean up toxic work environments and end sexual harassment, without quitting, so that they can focus on work they love. For a free copy of her book, visit

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