Bryce Prescott is a performance coach and podcaster and he brings his wit and wisdom to this episode. Bryce is a stand-up comic and he shares how doing comedy has allowed him to lose the shame of worrying if people are offended.

Bryce also talks about his journey to living an alcohol-free life and what it means to him. He also discusses with us the topic of coaching as a profession and why he calls it the false religion of self-development. Bryce shares his thoughts on how coaching needs fixed and how he has changed his approach to coaching.

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About Our Guest

Bryce Prescott

Bryce Prescott

Bryce Prescott is a performance coach and the Executive Producer of The Bryce Prescott Show.

His business career started in the late 90’s when he first became a mortgage banker. From there he transitioned more formally into real estate where he became the C.E.O. and co-Founder of Landmark Insiders; a real estate firm that focused on bulk transactions throughout the United States. In 2012, he left Landmark he became involved with The M. Parker Group; the parent company for his performance and mindset coaching and both of his podcasts; Rules of Success and currently The Bryce Prescott Show.

It was these experiences that taught him how to successfully run a business, as well as what not to do. It was in the fall of 2015 that Bryce transitioned his efforts into helping others understand the bigger picture of life and success via his transformational performance and mindset coaching.

Bryce enjoys his current home base of Salt Lake City, Utah. In additional to his performance coaching, he is an up and coming stand-up comic, an avid skier, plays many musical instruments and is an accomplished writer.

He is married to Amie Prescott and is a father of four children; three daughters and a son.

Further details about Bryce Prescott can be found within the episodes of his former podcast Rules of Success, his current podcast The Bryce Prescott Show and on his website.


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