Kelly Evan Smith’s interest in holistic and alternative remedies took her down a path that has led to discovering CBD and building an empire of over 450 people surrounding her business. Kelly joins us on this episode to talk about how CBD changed her physical well being and also allowed her to step into the role of leader.

Kelly share exactly what CBD is and why it works, and she breaks down the misconceptions of CBD. Kelly talks about how her background in direct sales allowed her to launch her business and how she has managed the rapid growth and what the future looks like for her.

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About Our Guest

Kelly Evan Smith

Kelly Evan Smith

Kelly Evan Smith was searching for answers to various health issues when she discovered CBD, which was the beginning of her self-love journey. CBD allowed her to become pharmaceutical free. Kelly has grown her business into a team of over 400 people strong. Kelly enjoys sharing her knowledge of CBD and welcomes questions from anyone looking to start their own journey with CBD.

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