Nadia Finer is an international speaker, business coach and author. She helps business owners who struggle with insecurities and doubts go big even when they may feel little.

Nadia talks about how she got started as a coach and author. She shares the valuable lessons she learned along the way that taught her the importance of not hiding behind other people. Nadia talks about what it was like for her to battle through fear. She also discusses her book which helps people scale up and make more money and have a bigger impact in their business.

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About Our Guest

Nadia Finer

Nadia Finer

Nadia is a business coach, published author and inspiring speaker. She specialises in working with female entrepreneurs helping them to upscale so they work less but for more money. Her new book LITTLE ME BIG BUSINESS offers readers a growth plan to help them overcome their fears, work strategically and think about global opportunities.

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