Toni Purry, also known as The Hype Woman, believes we need to celebrate our successes and give ourselves credit for the positive things we do. After 10 years of running her own PR agency, Toni is using her expertise to help entrepreneurs and professionals find their confidence and increase their visibility.

On today’s episode Toni talks about how she became a hype woman and the journey that led her to write her motivational journal, My Hype Book. The book allows readers to take an inventory of who they are and see their successes in a positive light. Toni also shares what inspires her and explains why everybody needs their own hype tribe.

About Our Guest

Toni Purry

Toni Purry

Toni Purry is an award-winning entrepreneur, visibility strategist, speaker and author. With over 20 years of public relations experience, she is known for garnering high-level exposure landing her clients on The Today Show, The Food Network, GMA, USA Today, LA Times, and O Magazine, to name a few.

After 10 years of running her own agency, this PR veteran has pivoted slightly and is now applying her expertise with big brands, to helping entrepreneurs and professionals become more successful by tapping into greater confidence and increased visibility. She says one of her greatest joys is witnessing clients acknowledge their worth and make bold and confident moves that position them for the exposure they deserve.

Toni serves as a PR consultant, speaks nationally and facilitates workshops and retreats for corporations, small companies, private groups, and business networks. She has been lauded for her proven confidence-building process which can be found her in her new book entitled, My Hype Book.

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