Ready for the secret to success? Fitness expert Pat Flynn shares his journey of being a college dropout who made it big by being a badass who is taking leaps. Dive into Pat’s ultimate secret to fast tracking success, the real way. Prepare the big guns!

About Our Guest

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn: Author, I help people do more with less. I can help with a lot: Business, writing and working out. All of which I have had professional success in. I also dabble in music and art, which I have not had professional success in. I call myself a minimalist because I believe anything you do is better when you do it with less: fewer words, not as many exercises, and just one or two basic ingredients, is all we typically need. If I can help you do anything, it’s find clarity in the world of lifting weights, business, or online marketing. And if I may also, but briefly, indulge in some small amount self-aggrandizement (it is my blog, after all), I am a published author of three For Dummies books, the maker of this one top 500 Health and Wellness Blog, and an award winning writer. I have trained olympic athletes, princesses, and people with only one eye. I have consulted many of the biggest names in the industry, as well, on everything from branding to sales and social media. So what you can expect here is some mix between what I want to talk about and what I think might be useful for you. Like most bloggers I am trapped in a line of thinking where I tend to believe I am much more interesting than I actually am. Finally, I offer online coaching (and consulting) for those who want to be fit, and for those who want to do business online. It’s expensive, but worth looking into.

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