Brittany is determined to change the rape culture in the world, even if it’s only one person at a time. She takes people from being a survivor to a liver while working from home and raising two young boys. Brittany is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

About Our Guest

Brittany Petersheim

Brittany Petersheim


Brittany is the heart and soul behind Clearing the Rain’s mission.  After experiencing all the pain and suffering that one experiences with rebuilding your life after sexual abuse, molestation and rape, she’s sharing her gifts and insight with the world.

She started Clearing the Rain as a response to the vastly under-served public who have already gone through various modes of therapy, the justice system, or other victim services. Seeing a need for those who have already survived, she set out on her mission to show these special types of warriors what it means to LIVE again! Her philosophy is that there are 3 pillars to sexual trauma: victim, survivor, and Liver.

Livers have filtered out all the necessary suffering and survival mechanisms that allowed them to continue on with their lives following their experience(s).  Livers choose to face the dark past, learn from it, and move forward; not an easy path and certainly not for everyone. She has proven time and again that it is beyond possible to have the life you want, if only you take a deep breath and take your first step.  Don’t worry.  She’ll provide some extra light while you journey further into you until you can shine brighter than her!

When she’s not changing the world and helping to break the cycling of abuse, she’s spending time with her boys, her husband, and friends and family.  You can find her either lost in a fiction book or laying on the beach.  She loves the arts and believes that there is magic in everything!  Most importantly, she will one day, very soon, own an island that hosts a retreat for soon-to-be Livers.  She’s changing lives and the world.

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