Kat Loterzo is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur, but she is so much more than that! Kat is a mom, mentor, and an incredible badass woman who is unstoppable. In this episode Debbie Pace joins us again for pure magic. Kat teaches us how creating cool shit and just showing up as you will give you the tenacity to build something bigger than us. Oh and yes… consistency is the only thing that guarantees success.

About Our Guest

Kat Loterzo

Kat Loterzo

Internet Badass

I’m a multi-passionate, crazy ass entrepreneur slash artist who believes in a life completely on my terms.

What do I mean by this??? I mean that whatever is on your heart, whatever you desire or dream of in ALL areas of life CAN become your reality if you’re willing to go and CLAIM IT.

A few things about me and why you and I might get along …

I run a multi-million dollar and growing business which is all online and allows me to do what I want with who I want and how I want on a daily basis. Hint … this is the business, this website right here! The whole business is just ME BEING ME, which is exactly what I kick my clients butts on doing!

Prior to this my business was being a Personal Trainer in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. I did that from the year 2000 until 2012, when my online business reached a point of more than fully replacing my offline income.

I started blogging in 2007 because I thought I should have a newsletter for my clients and sending stuff over email was crashing people’s servers due to all the images I used. In 2008 I sold my first ebook, thinking my path to millions might be ebook sales (it wasn’t), in 2010 I started working solely with women through my online fitness and fat loss business Woman Incredible, and by the end of 2012 I was making over 30k per month selling products that didn’t go over $99 each. In 2013 I moved out of being a fitness chick and started feeling my way around how to do what I REALLY wanted, which was – is! – to inspire women to live their DREAMS and have it all, on their terms.

I didn’t really know what the heck I was doing and got suckered in to being a ‘business coach’ and not really letting the REAL me shine which (long story very short!) resulted in me ending up over 100k in debt by the end of 2013 and nearly going bankrupt.

In 2014 I came rising up from the ashes like a bat outta hell basically deciding that following the ‘rules’ of business hadn’t worked for me PLUS it sucked so from here on out I was going to do and say exactly what I pleased and everyone who didn’t like it could get fucked. After all, doing things by the book was never really me anyway! Within 5 weeks of this decision I made an extra 40k, within 6 months I was making over 80k per month online, within 8 months over 100k per month online, and things just keep getting better. I definitely still struggle at times with fully letting me be ME (honestly the real me is seriously fucking insane) but I’m getting better at it day by day and the best part is? It’s never been easier or more fun to make money this way!


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