Thrown into entrepreneurship, fitness coach, Erin Addesso, decided to follow her heart and passions and kick ass on her new path without pulling any punches. In our interview Erin shares why it’s important to love yourself first!

About Our Guest

Erin Addesso

Erin Addesso

Certified Life Coach, and Health and Fitness Coach

I am a Professional Speaker, Author and Certified Life Coach, and Health and Fitness Coach. I am an ex Division 1 athlete and firm believer in mind over matter and really believe in making an impact in the world. I have battled many obstacles in life an one of them being weight gain, and the fight to be fit mentally and physically most of my life. I know first hand of the struggle and how easy it is to fall off the proverbial wagon when it comes to any goals we have set for ourselves. I am here to help hold you on that wagon and ensure no broken wheels lead you off your path. I will be your accountability partner and gentle nudge. I was first certified as a Personal Trainer in 1995, and spent 8 years training and coaching one on one and groups before joining the corporate world and learning of the struggle to stay fit while clocking countless hours in the office. I always kept up my education in the fitness world and my PASSION for fitness has never subsided, this is why I am back, re-focused on helping others find their very best self. It’s time now to make a decision to change, commit to that change for life, and make a promise to yourself that you will never give up and LOVE yourself in the process. My mission is to guide 1000 people to feel amazing and love their-self and their life enough to make a true impact with every encounter.

Education and Certifications:

*Bachelor of Communication

*ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

*Expert Rated Certified Master Life Coach

*Certified Breast Recovery Trainer

*CPR/AED Certified

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