Have you met the dynamic duo of the Design and Style Club? Dixie Willard and Rachel Moriarty are an incredible team who are teaching designers how to get visible in their businesses. Listen to how they had a huge need in their own businesses and they decided to fill it. Now they have a huge following of other designers that are changing the online and in-person world.

About Our Guest

Dixie Willard & Rachel Moriarty

Dixie Willard & Rachel Moriarty

Dixie Williard and Rachel Moriarty have created what can be known as a designer’s secret weapon to growing their business. Together they co-founded Design + Style.

Design+Style was co-founded by Dixie of Dixie Willard Design and Rachel of Rachel Moriarty Interiors. As solo entrepreneurs, Dixie and Rachel found that the most challenging aspect of their businesses was getting visible. Rachel started a year-long journey of daily live videos and concentrated online visibility strategies while Dixie focused on networking and other in-person strategies. By approaching visibility from opposite sides of the brain, Rachel and Dixie work together to help other creative entrepreneurs find the perfect mixture of in-person and online visibility that will take their business to the next level.


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