Meet Nicole Banks, a woman who is one inspirational badass! Nicole has faced adversity and fought her way to the top!

Listen as Nicole explains how she set out on her mission while recovering from cancer. The mission? To create a boutique and line of clothing for fashion loving females around the globe… Clothing that would increase the confidence and self-esteem of ALL WOMEN (no matter their size or shape).

Nicole’s Jacksonville based boutique; Pretty Pieces has achieved all of this and more; and so has Nicole!

About Our Guest

Nicole Banks

Nicole Banks

Cancer warrior Nicole Banks had a vision to enhance women’s self esteem through trendy fashion.

During her intense battle with cancer she began to find her first love, fashion while recovering. Nicole makes sure that each unique piece is of quality and pocket friendly. Heavy research is conducted to ensure everything is in-style and in season.

While being a cancer survivor and still struggling with Thyroid Disease Nicole makes it her mission to provide fashionable clothing to women of all sizes.

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