Courtney Brown is the CEO of multi-million dollar fashion brand, Cents of Style; and is also a wife and Mom of 3 – which is her favorite title, but she is also so much more than any of these labels.
Courtney wants every woman to see that each of them are more than the labels assigned to them, and that the current meaning of ‘work life balance’ isn’t real: balance comes from just living in that moment.

As a woman who has always loved creative fashion, Courtney launched Cents of Style in 2007 with no money. Using her personal network of friends and family, Cents of Style grew; however in 2011, the business was at a stage where the business model was no longer scalable. Courtney made the decision to strip it all back to basics and then re-launched online.

Cents of Style has a mission is to empower all women. Every product starts with the question, ‘will this empower women to find their place in the world?’. If the answer is yes, then Cents of Style makes it happen!

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About Our Guest

Courtney Brown

Courtney Brown

Featured on and the TODAY show, Courtney Brown is the CEO and Founder of Cents of Style, a multi-million dollar fashion company based in Bluffdale, UT recently named 18th fastest growing company in the state of Utah by Mountain West Capital. With a vision of empowering women to live bold and full lives, Courtney believes in her company’s mission to teach millions of women that when they look good, they feel good and then they have the power to do good. As a mother, wife, and CEO, Courtney is living proof that women can reject the idea that they have to choose between any of those titles to lead an empowered and full life. Checkout Courtney’s podcast she completes with her husband, John, about the perils and perks of working professionally with your husband on Married 2 Business.

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