Meagan and Liora started with completely different ‘career’ backgrounds, but felt that together they could be crazy enough to experience and fix the ‘hair problem’ a lot of us face – loss of color inbetween dye jobs (and unhealthy hair). With backgrounds in business, chemistry and photography, Maegan and Liora pulled their skills together and used their complimenting strengths.

Starting in Maegan’s kitchen 4 years ago, they became ‘crazy scientists’ to figure out what they could create. The solution? oVertone… The products that allow those of us who love vibrantly colored hair to not only maintain its color but still be totally healthy!

Fast forward 4 years, oVertone now has a team of over 50 people. Their brand voice has been cultivated by the way they speak to each other in the office and trends that have come from their team. This allows for an authentic and real voice that people adore!

Maegan and Liora are passionate about how our hair can be an extension of both our personality and style; without breaking the bank or destroying our hair… oVertone is simple to use: you put it on your head, leave it for a while and then wash out – maintaining your vibrant hair could not be easier!

About Our Guests

Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar

Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar

Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar are the badass female co-founders of color conditioner brand, oVertone Haircare. Introduced by a friend, the pair bonded over their mutual love for vivid hair color and subsequent discontent with the lack of quality maintenance products available on the market.

After struggling with years of damaged and faded hair, Maegan and Liora – who have backgrounds in chemistry and photography, respectively – concocted a product they both had always wanted; a damage-free, cruelty-free conditioner that would keep hair healthy and bright between dye jobs.

Founded in 2014, oVertone is a 100% bootstrapped, woman-owned company. Since the brand’s inception, Maegan and Liora have remained committed to using their platform to promote a message of intersectional feminism and content that pushes for global inclusivity over narrow definitions of accepted beauty standards. Just check out their instagram page and you’ll find a diverse mix of real people (with really good hair color).

oVertone is headquartered in Denver, CO. To learn more about the brand or to purchase products, visit

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