Is it OK to cry in business? The answer is YES! It should be OK!

Samantha and Kathy dive into why crying should not be a taboo subject: it isn’t a sign of weakness, as processing our emotions should never be something we should be afraid of – no matter the setting.

Although the action of crying can be awkward for those around us, it is so much more acceptable that it was in the past. We’re not hurting anybody if we cry. In fact, by holding our emotions in check all of the time, the only person you hurt is yourself, as that release is needed is transfer that energy out and open ourselves up to new energy.

If you’re somebody who worries about going live on Facebook or Instagram because you fear you might cry, stop holding that emotion in and show your community who you are and how you’re feeling!

Wearing your heart on your sleeve, whether it be in business or in life is not a bad thing!

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Samantha & Kathy

Samantha & Kathy

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